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      Ernest Maier and Gomoljak Counter Price Sheet

      Harvey McCombs | October 1, 2021

      Pricing accurate as of 10/6/2021 and valid for Annapolis, Bladensburg, and Gaithersburg locations (contact us for bulk pricing and delivery):

      Aggregate (Sand, Gravel, Stone, Mulch, Top Soil)

      Aggregate calculator

      Product Price Per Scoop (~3/4 ton)*
      Sand- Masonry Sand  $    30.50
      Sand- Concrete Sand  $    30.50
      Gravel- Pea Gravel  $    25.52
      Gravel- 3/4″ Washed Gravel  $    31.50
      Stone- #57 Stone  $    29.50
      Stone- CR-6  $    26.75
      Stone- #10 Stone Dust  $    26.95
      Stone- River Jack 1″-3″  $    85.39
      Stone- River Jack 3″-5″  $    85.39
      Top Soil  $    27.95
      Mulch (1 yd3 per scoop)  $    27.92

      *How we sell aggregate

      Gray Block/CMU

      Hollow Block Price per Block Blocks per Pallet
      4″x8″x16″  $       1.25 180
      6″x8″x16″  $       1.40 144
      8″x8″x16″  $       1.60 108
      10″x8″x16″  $       2.55 90
      12″x8″x16″  $       2.55 78

      Mortar and Cement

      Concrete Calculator

      Bag Bags per Pallet
      Concrete Mix $4.75 42
      Roman Mortar $6.95 42
      Bag of Cement $12.95 40
      Lehigh Type S $10.25 40


      Unit Strap (106) Cube (530)
      Standard Brick  $       0.47  $    49.82  $  249.10

      listed prices do not include sales tax, and are subject to change without notice

      Counter ManagerHarvey McCombs

      MD: Bladensburg (HQ)

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