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      Skyline Brick Counter Prices

      David Shifflett | November 2, 2021

      Pricing accurate as of 11/2/2021 and valid for all Skyline Brick locations (contact us for bulk pricing and delivery):

      Aggregate (Sand, Gravel, Stone)

      Aggregate calculator

      Product Price Per Ton*
      Sand- Masonry Sand  $    40.00
      Sand- Concrete Sand  $    45.00
      Gravel- Pea Gravel  $    68.00
      Stone- #57 Stone  $    39.00
      Stone- #10 Stone Dust  $    25.00
      Stone- River Jack 3/4″  $    120.00
      Stone- River Jack 2″–4″  $    125.00

      *We sell bulk aggregate in increments of 1/4 ton. More information

      Gray Block/CMU

      Hollow Block Price per Block Blocks per Pallet
      4″x8″x16″  $       1.41 180
      6″x8″x16″  $       1.71 144
      8″x8″x16″  $       1.95 108
      10″x8″x16″  $       2.26 90
      12″x8″x16″  $       2.87 78

      Mortar and Cement

      Concrete Calculator

      Bag Bags per Pallet
      Concrete Mix $5.45 42
      Roman Mortar $8.25 42
      Roanoke Portland Cement $15.15 40
      Roanoke Type S $11.60 40
      Roanoke Type N $11.05 40
      Lehigh Type S $10.25 40

      listed prices do not include sales tax, and are subject to change without notice

      Outside SalesDavid Shifflett

      VA: Charlottesville

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