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Reducing CO2 Emissions

Ernest Maier manufactures and distributes aggregates, bricks, hardscapes, drainage, insulation, lintels, pavers, sand, natural stones, stormwater solutions, tools, and precast/prestressed concrete. We aim to be the single source for all your construction supply needs.

About Reducing CO2 Emissions

Cement production, which is a key binding element within concrete, is believed to be responsible for about seven percent of worldwide emissions of carbon dioxide within a single year. However, because concrete is one of the world’s most heavily used materials, companies like Ernest Maier are utilizing new technologies which can lower CO2 emissions.

Ernest Maier is proud to use Lehigh Hanson’s EcoCem PLC (Portland limestone cement) in all of our concrete blocks and products, achieving a ten percent reduction in lifecycle CO2 emissions over ordinary portland cement, without compromising on the performance.

PLC is a revised version of portland cement that allows for a lower environmental footprint and improves the performance of concrete. It is now included in ASTM and AASHTO specifications and is used just like traditional cement in the mixing process. PLC has five to fifteen percent limestone, more than the five percent in ordinary portland cement.

By including more limestone and reducing the amount of clinker, which is energy and CO2-intensive, the final product is more environmentally friendly. Not only will it lower the carbon footprint, but this material also has greater durability and will lock up greenhouse gases while also manifesting increased strength.

Benefits of Reducing CO2 Emissions

There are a number of substantial benefits to be gained from reducing CO2 emissions. These include better air quality, superior economic growth, and regulatory compliance:

Better air quality: The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions boosts air quality and in turn the health of humans and animals. Environmental quality extends beyond air to bodies of water, which become cleaner and more accessible for recreational use.

Superior economic growth: Operating sustainably means long-term consistency and certainty to business operations. Certainty drives investment and economic growth. Environmentally-friendly concrete is part of the sustainable technologies that will ensure our economic future.

Regulatory compliance: There has been a twentyfold increase in international climate laws since the 1990s, which means that proactive measures must be taken by both large and small organizations. Every organization should have a strategy in place for reducing their CO2 emissions, while also being able to report and document progress.

Who Needs To Reduce CO2 Emissions?

Organizations of all types and sizes can benefit from CO2 reductions, especially those which are involved in the construction industry, as this particular sector currently contributes greatly to environmental pollution and should therefore be at the forefront of change.

Why Choose Ernest Maier?

Ernest Maier is on the cutting edge of sustainability by using eco-friendly construction materials. Our concrete comes in different forms: Ready Mix, Precast/Prestressed, Volumetric, or Premixed Bags. We also have everything else you need to complete your job: cutting blades, Sonotube forms, finishing tools, etc.

For more information about how Ernest Maier’s products and services can help you, contact us today!