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Solar Energy Solution

In the pursuit of building a more environmentally-sustainable workplace, Ernest Maier has made the switch from using traditional energy sources such as fossil fuels to solar technology to generate energy for our business needs. We are firm believers in the use of solar energy solutions, so much so that we generated more than 80,000 kWh worth of power in 2020 alone. This was accomplished through the use of roof-mounted solar panels which reduces our dependencies on the public grid system and can even feed power back into it.

About Solar Energy Solution

Solar power is achieved through the conversion of sunlight into electricity. The electrical energy may then be utilized inside our workplace or transferred to a grid whenever it isn’t required. This is usually done through the installation of solar panels on roofs that produce direct current (DC) which is then transferred to the solar inverter that transforms direct current electricity into alternating current (AC).

The solar panels we use comprise of silicon-based photovoltaic (PV) cells. Once sunlight comes into contact with the panels, the PV cells will absorb the rays and produce electricity with a Photovoltaic Effect. Since the initial electricity produced by the solar panels is DC, which is not well suited for most appliances and machines, it must first be converted into AC, which is the main responsibility of a central inverter.

We have set up the solar system in such a way that it will always power our workplace first, and will only require additional grid energy when solar resources are insufficient.

Benefits of Solar Energy Solution

Generating electricity from sunlight provides numerous advantages, such as:

  • Lower air pollution: Fossil fuels are the traditional methods used to generate energy and this method has been around for well over a century. However, anyone who visits major cities such as Los Angeles or Beijing knows how bad the smog can get, and it harms both the environment as well as our respiratory health.
  • Lower water usage: While water might seem like an unlikely candidate for energy generation (since it doesn’t combine well with electricity), it does play an indirect role in power generation. For instance, cities and regions which use nuclear or hydropower depend heavily on water for electrical production, which is why dams are often built in close proximity to them. Unfortunately, damming water has been found to adversely impact local ecosystems. By contrast, solar does not require excessive water which makes it well suited for desert regions such as the Middle East or the American Southwest where water scarcity is prevalent.

Why Should We Use Solar Energy Solution?

With a renewable energy source such as solar energy, this helps to offset and eliminate the carbon footprint that Ernest Maier uses to continue manufacturing top-tier building and construction materials for our clients. In addition, the excess energy generated by our solar panels can still be sent into the public grid to be utilized by other businesses or individuals, lowering the total carbon footprints by creating a sustainable energy source for public usage.

Why Choose Ernest Maier?

Established in 1926, Ernest Maier has nearly a century of experience working with construction and technical projects of all kinds. We’ve consistently stayed on top of emerging technologies and can help you get the construction and building materials you need for your project with our highly skilled and competent team.

For more information about how Ernest Maier’s products and services can help you, contact us today!