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      Concrete Building Systems

      Concrete Building Systems

      Producing PCI-certified precast structural and prestressed concrete elements for the mid-Atlantic since 1981. Specializing in double tees.

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      Precast Products

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        Concrete Building SystemsQuality, Precast

        Concrete Building Systems, Parker Block 9283 Old Racetrack Road, Delmar, DE, USA (302) 846-3645

        PCI Certified in Product Groups B3 & C3

        At CBS our concern for quality is paramount. All our products are produced in accordance with Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute’s (PCI) rigid quality standards.

        Certification by the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute is the acknowledged industry standard for quality in precast concrete manufacturing. We have been PCI-certified since 1985. PCI Producer Certificate

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        What is Precast?

        Concrete takes time to cure. Waiting for the 7-day or 28-day strength to be achieved holds up other construction processes. By pouring the concrete off-site in a controlled environment, it is delivered to the site fully cured, and then erected (think Lego for giants).

        Prestressed concrete is precast concrete that is poured around steel strand under tension. This induced compression increases load-carry capacity, allows for greater spans, and reduces cracks. Precast is a great solution if you need to build quickly or if your site is space constrained.

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        Why Precast?

        Less Hassle with Turn-Key Construction

        We provide complete construction services for the precast structural systems used in various building types. These services include:

        • Engineering Services
        • Architectural Products
        • Product Transportation
        • Erection and Caulking
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        Save $$$ with Precast

        Reduce Uncertainties and Better Manage Risk

        Single-product subcontractor and installation reduces the architect’s liability by eliminating multiple trades and product conflicts. Detailing provided by the precast producer also reduces the engineers liability. Combined, these attributes assist Owners in saving both time and money.

        If the building system requires the use of architectural precast, we partner with PCI Certified architectural precast producers and include them in our package.

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