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Concrete Construction Debris

Since 1926, Ernest Maier has been a force in the construction industry. Beginning as Washington DC’s premier and most reliable masonry block manufacturer, the Ernest Maier family has expanded to offer a variety of concrete and building solutions to contractors, engineers, architects, designers, and homeowners in the Mid-Atlantic.

While concrete has been used in construction for years, only recently have companies like Ernest Maier discovered new and beneficial ways to use it while minimizing its environmental impact.

About Concrete Construction Debris

Construction debris is often an overlooked component of making sure the built environment is more sustainable. Ernest Maier actively looks out for concrete construction debris. We crush the debris and use it as aggregate in our production of concrete. It retains the value of the original material, making a significant step toward conserving the environment.

By reusing the debris and thereby reducing the use of new concrete, we contribute to the reduction of energy and fuel which is required to produce the new concrete.

Benefits of Concrete Construction Debris

Most materials used in manufacturing and construction have to be replaced from time to time, but concrete is exceptionally durable, so much so that it can easily last for decades and possibly even centuries depending on the application it is used for. Infrequent replacement is important since this translates into reduced raw material usage and energy for manufacturing which both result in significant environmental benefits for building projects. When Ernest Maier concrete products manufactured with concrete construction debris are used in roads and highways, it means that we are also actively reducing our carbon footprints by not using new concrete materials.

Reusing concrete debris has other benefits, such as reducing construction costs, as the debris replaces materials like gravel that have to be mined and transported for use. It also reduces transportation costs because concrete is often crushed near the construction or demolition site. Builders can receive points in their LEED Green Building certification for using recycled concrete. There can also be new jobs in the recycling industry.

Who Can Use Concrete Construction Debris?

There are many companies in cities, towns, and local communities that recycle concrete into crushed concrete which they then sell cheaply to other business owners. Besides using recycled concrete debris in the industries, we can also use them in our homes. For example, gardeners can create a raised garden bed using recycled concrete debris, and this will save them money from buying new material.

Why Choose Earnest Maier?

While there are numerous construction material suppliers on the market. None can match the responsiveness, reliability, and price of Ernest Maier. A century of delivering for construction pros, and we are just getting started.

For more information about how Ernest Maier’s products and services can help you, contact us today!