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      Architectural CMU

      Our assortment of surface finishes and colors ensures that you get the perfect look for your next project.

      Brands We Distribute

      EP Henry

      Extensive Selection

      The Ernest Maier Family carries a variety of finishes: combed, glazed, ground face, sand blasted, smooth face, and split face. We also carry glass block.

      Smooth Face

      Smooth Face blocks are made in a mold that results in a smooth finish on all sides.

      AKA Matte block

      Split Face Block

      Split Face

      The face of Split Face blocks are manufactured as connected pairs with a score to divide them. The face is then formed by fracturing them along the score line to expose natural aggregates, which creates a natural rock-like surface.

      Ground Face

      Ground Face CMU are polished after manufacture to achieve a smooth finish which reveals the natural aggregate colors. The units have the appearance of polished natural stone. The finished look of the ground surface can be altered by changing aggregate type and proportions. They offer a tremendous advantage in construction as they are maintenance-free. There is no need to repaint or recoat these units — they look great just as they are.

      AKA Burnished, Honed, or Polished CMU

      DecroFace 15E


      Decroface are manufactured by blasting a ground or smooth face block with shot or sand to produce a weathered look.

      AKA Weathered block

      Fluted Concrete Wall

      Fluted CMU

      Fluted units typically have 4, 6, or 8 vertical ribs which align to form continuous vertical elements in the finished wall. The ribs are molded into the unit using a special mold. The ribs may have either a rectangular or circular profile, and may be either smooth or split for added texture.


      AKA Ribbed CMU