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Gray Block

Concrete Masonry Units (aka cinder blocks) are the time-tested, fire-resistant workhorses of modern construction. Parker Block and Ernest Maier manufacture [...]

Regardless of the scale and design of your building projects, it is essential to consider the construction materials utilized carefully. For a long time, professional contractors and experienced homeowners have used gray blocks as an anchor material in building projects.

About Our Gray Blocks

Otherwise known as concrete blocks or concrete masonry units, gray blocks are among the most common building material in the construction industry due to their flexibility, strength, and economy. Gray blocks are made from concrete and designed to have hollow sections running through them to lessen the concrete’s weight. Depending on the building criteria, gray blocks are produced in various dimensions, sizes, and designs. These blocks can be polished, honed, or decorated to create an aesthetically pleasing look, suit the project specifications, and enhance the appearance of the entire landscape.

Although there are endless block options for building projects, gray blocks have particular benefits that make them suitable building materials for constructing retaining walls. These benefits include:

  • They have high thermal insulation properties
  • They are available in various finishes and colors
  • They can be used for a very long time and are durable
  • Due to them being lightweight, they enable construction speed and save time
  • They are highly flexible and versatile in terms of shape and design
  • They can be reutilized, modified, and relocated
  • They are not susceptible to cracks over time
  • They don’t require mortar
  • Compared to other blocks, the installation cost of gray block is low

Why Choose Ernest Maier’s Gray Block Products?

If you’re looking for the best place to shop quality gray blocks for your building projects, Ernest Maier’s is the perfect place for you. Here, we manufacture time-tested, fire-resistant gray blacks in-house that will suit your building criteria and stand the test of time.

To learn more about our gray block, contact us today!