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Concrete takes time to cure. Waiting for the 7-day or 28-day strength to be achieved holds up other construction processes. [...]

Precast concrete is formed at a factory by casting concrete into reusable forms in a controlled environment. Once cured, it is shipped and installed at a construction site. Concrete Building Systems offers special Precast/Prestressed Concrete products, so you do not need to hold up other construction processes while waiting for your concrete to cure.

About Our Precast/Prestressed Concrete

Concrete Building Systems, a division of Ernest Maier, offers precast/prestressed concrete that we deliver to the site fully cured. Perfect for companies that might have time or space limitations for construction, precast concrete can save your company weeks of waiting and production opportunity cost. Besides precast concrete, we offer prestressed concrete as well, which is essentially precast concrete poured around steel strands under tension. This offers a variety of benefits: increasing strength of concrete elements, enabling greater spans, and even reducing cracks. Choosing precast or prestressed concrete can result in cost and time savings in your next construction project.

Why Choose Concrete Building System’s Precast/Prestressed Concrete Products?

Within Ernest Maier, we differentiate ourselves by priding ourselves in our efforts for sustainability. By using CarbonCure technology, we are able to produce concrete while ensuring a reduced carbon footprint at the same time. We have also a variety of other efforts for the purpose of investing in a sustainable future. Some include buying from local suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint, using EcoChem PLC to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions, and many more.

To learn more about our precast/prestressed concrete, contact us today!