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Stone Veneers

Facades and veneers are great ways to get the look of stone without the weight and cost of an additional [...]

Stone veneers are a fantastic substitute for builders and homeowners seeking to achieve the aesthetically pleasing look of natural stone without the burden of its weight and cost.

About Our Stone Veneers

In the architectural industry, stone veneers are used for various housing applications, including building exteriors, unique statement walls, cabinets, and interior design. Stone veneers are available in various sizes, color gradations, and shapes, making them perfect for an array of unique home designs. Depending on the type of stone veneers, homeowners use them for decoration, protection, or even both!

Stone veneers are thin layers of stone-like material attached to a surface to replicate the earthy look of natural stone. There are both natural and manufactured stone veneers (MSVs) options. MSVs are produced from a mixture of cement, iron oxide pigments, and lightweight natural aggregates.

Are You Wondering Where You Can Use Our Stone Veneers in Your Home?

For one, homeowners use stone veneers to upgrade their home exterior design. With stone veneers, you can add an earthy, yet sophisticated look similar to natural stones to your building exteriors.

Notwithstanding, the design possibilities of stone veneers are not limited to home exteriors only. While stone veneers are popular for their decorative function, the subtle and calm colors of stone veneers also help to foster a sense of serenity and ambiance in your home. You can make statement walls around your fireplace, transform your bathrooms into a relaxing environment, or add a signature design to your home.

Why Choose Ernest Maier’s Stone Veneer Products?

If you’re looking for a place to purchase stone veneers to transform your home, Ernest Maier’s is your best bet. We have an array of quarried natural and manufactured stones that can elevate the interior and exterior of your house and transform it into your dream home.

To learn more about our stone veneers, contact us today!