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The superior permeable pavement system.

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It’s a “Permeable Articulating Concrete Block

  • 2,000,000+ sq ft installed nationally and decades of real world performance data, it is proven to handle stormwater.
  • Lower cost over the life of the product against other pavement systems
  • Simplified installation- no cutting, one pattern

Architect or Engineer? Continuing education credit is available to learn more about this innovative product. Learn More

Best-in-class stormwater management

  • Open joints get water below the surface quicker. No puddles!
  • Can handle rainwater, run-on, downspouts, etc.
  • Allows for natural soil infiltration replenishing aquifers and groundwater while avoiding runoff
  • Verifiable performance with real-time sensors with INFIL-Tracker from P4 Infrastructure
  • State approval- these products are approved by many state agencies (MDE PaveDrain Approval Letter) as a stormwater best management practice.

Heavy Duty

  • Can handle heavy vehicle traffic (rated for AASTHO H-20/HS-25: buses, ambulances, trash trucks, fire trucks, etc.
  • Size is 11.75″x 11.75″ x 5.63″ thick. ~1 sf / paver coverage
  • Meets the requirements of ASTM D6684

Low to no maintenance

  • During abuse testing, the normal maintenance procedure restored 90%+ of the original 2,000 in/hr infiltration rate
  • Heavier blocks with open joints avoid issues with freeze-thaw cycles. Thousands of installs over the last decade in the upper Midwest clay soils; Zero issues.
  • Plowing- with chamfered edges plows don’t catch on corners
  • Repair with a simple block grabber it takes less than a minute to swap a damaged block for a new one. There is no joint sand to replenish or manage
  • Manufacturer Warranty


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