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Stormwater Solution

Founded in 1926, Ernest Maier began the journey as Washington DC’s top and most reliable masonry block manufacturer. We have grown to become a comprehensive provider of concrete and building solutions to contractors, engineers, architects, designers, and house owners in the Mid-Atlantic.

Effectively managing stormwater is essential for modern construction, especially when dealing with expansive areas that have aging infrastructures and impervious surfaces. This is why Ernest Maier is leveraging technologies that can both mitigate water runoff while also aiding in its collection and reuse, thereby contributing toward environmental sustainability.

About Stormwater at Ernest Maier

Ernest Maier maintains a prominent drainage division and is utilizing new ways to help homes and businesses better manage stormwater, run-off, and flooding.

We are proud to manufacture and sell the PaveDrain Pavement System, which is a permeable surface that is capable of efficiently managing stormwater without disrupting traffic or vehicles. It has shown superb resilience while requiring minimal maintenance over 15 years of real-world performance.

PaveDrain can be part of a stormwater solution that can handle unwanted contaminants like fertilizers, sediments, metals and other other pollutants.

Benefits of Better Stormwater Solutions

Under normal conditions, precipitation is readily absorbed back into the ground, where it will be filtered naturally and will assist in replenishing freshwater aquifers. However, development and urbanization is creates environments with impervious surfaces (concrete, asphalt, etc.). These impervious surfaces makes the infiltration of rainwater and stormwater difficult, if not impossible. This results in the runoff of stormwater, which can cause a multitude of problems.

By implementing stormwater solutions, there will be benefits:

  • Slowing the discharge of water into drainage systems mitigates erosion and flooding
  • Enhancing water quality through the application of pretreatment measures to deal with contaminants such as grease, oils, metals, solids, and fertilizers.
  • Shrinking or even elimintating on-site detention structures (ponds).

Who Needs a Stormwater Solution?

Everyone. Homes and businesses that don’t address stormwater are subject to flooding and moisture damage, rendering building unusuable. Furthermore rain events have become more intense is further exacerbating these challenges.

While each situation will be unique, anytime a development plan calls for a parking lot, driveway, roadway, or other impermeable surface, Pavedrain should be on the table. PaveDrain is a next generation permeable pavement solution that handles all kind of traffic, requires less maintenance, performs better and has simplified installation.

Why Choose Ernest Maier?

We specialize in concrete, insulation, masonry, and aggregates which are eco-friendly. These materials can be used in conjunction with advanced drainage units which offer effective solutions for stormwater management. Our materials are sustainable and can be applied to residential and industrial as well as commercial applications. We believe that water should be reusable and readily accessible, reducing one’s ecological footprint while providing economic advantages.

For more information about how Ernest Maier’s products and services can help you, contact us today!