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      Concrete Masonry Units (aka cinder blocks) are the time-tested, fire-resistant workhorses of modern construction.

      Why Build with Block

      • Resilient– fire, earthquakes, hurricanes, and termite resistance comes standard
      • Design Flexibility with architectural CMUs
      • Energy Efficient– thermal mass helps keeps occupants comfortable with less energy
      • Local– Ernest Maier and Parker Block makes these blocks locally
       Ovation Ledge Stone

      Shape Guide

      Parker Block and Ernest Maier manufacture our blocks in-house ensuring the final quality of the product no matter where you shop. Local manufacturing allows us to include post-consumer and post-recycled content in our blocks. We can even use CarbonCure to sequester CO2 in each block we produce.

      CMU Shape Guide

      Architectural CMU

      The assortment of surface finishes and colors of architectural concrete masonry units (CMU) ensures that you get the right look for your next project. The Ernest Maier Family carries a variety of finishes: combed, glazed, ground face, sand blasted, smooth face, and split face. We also carry glass block.

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      INsulBlock 12

      Insulated CMU

      Concrete masonry units (CMU) can do more than just hold up walls.

      Insulated CMU push the envelope when it comes to building performance. Compared to normal CMU insulated CMU have 5x – 6x the R-value—reducing costs to build to code as well as reducing energy to manage the temperature.

      Sound Blox

      Acoustical CMU

      Acoustical CMU dampen sound to improve usability of rooms and improving occupant comfort. These blocks come in array of shape and performance options to best suit your needs

      UL Mark

      Fire-Rated CMU

      Fire-Rated CMU we can furnish CMU that can provide a fire rating resistance in excess of one, two, three and four hours as evidenced by the ratings shown in IBC 2003 or NCMA Tek Note 7-01D. We are also listed as an approved manufacturer with Underwriters Laboratories and manufacture Certified UL CMU to be used in various UL Designs.

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