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      Buying Aggregate

      Roger Joya | September 29, 2015

      Aggregate Purchasing

      We sell aggregate (sand, stone, gravel, crusher run, etc.) in several increments

      • Bag (70 lb)
      • Scoop (3/4 ton or 1,500 lbs [1/2 yd3])
      • Ton (2,000 lbs)
      • Super sack ( up to 2 tons or 4,000 lbs [1 1/3 yd3]). Super sacks require palettes (refundable deposit), and do not need to be fully filled.

      Weights and volumes are based upon sand and gravel. Soils weigh about 30% less, and mulch weighs about 70% less than sand and gravel on a volume basis.

      What’s In Stock

      We ALWAYS have masonry sand, stone, and gravel in stock. We get several truckloads delivered each day.

      We carry mulch, soil, and salt on a seasonal basis (call for availability).

      Current Prices


      • A typical small truck (Ranger, S-10, Tacoma, Frontier, etc.) have an approximate 1000 lb. payload and standard pickup trucks (F-150, Silverado, Ram, etc.) have approximately 1500 lb. payload. They should be able to handle one scoop of  aggregate.
      • Work trucks (F-250, 2500’s, etc.) have approximate 2500 lb. payload which can handle 2 – 3 scoops of heavy aggregates (more if it is covered in a tarp and secured).
      • Heavy-duty pick-ups (F-350, 3500’s, etc.) can handle 5 or more scoops of heavy aggregate depending on the exact payload of the vehicle.
      • Trailers come in a wide variety of sizes and payloads. Figure that the smaller the axle the less capacity it will have. Trailers without springs will typically only handle 1 scoop of gravel. Lighter materials will depend on sidewalls for that trailer. Those with leaf springs will be able to handle 2 or more scoops depending on the exact payload limitation.
      • Double axle trailers can handle much more weight, 4 or more scoops.

      figures provided are rough estimates and do vary model-to-model

      Please Note: All trailers should have a solid bottom and sides so aggregates, soils, and mulches do not leak from the trailer when on the road. It is recommended that ALL loads be tarped and secured.

      Stone weight will vary, of course, according to the type of stone. For example, a full pallet of Flagstone is around 2.25 tons (4500 lb), but a pallet of Fieldstone weighs around 2.75 tons (3,500 lb).

      Small amounts – Most cars can handle up to about 500 lbs. Just think of how many people the vehicle can accommodate (i.e. four) and average them at 200 lb each. Be careful to consider the distribution of that weight to both inside the vehicle and the rear cargo area.

      Vans – Passenger vans would follow the same principle as above. With good distribution, you may be able to carry 800+ lbs. Cargo vans are rated like pick-up trucks. that will determine how much you can carry.

      Please note: If you elect to pick up the material from one of our yards, you as the driver of the vehicle are responsible for your vehicle and the material you are transporting. We will help load, but it is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle can carry the payload, and that the payload is properly secured. We do offer delivery if you are unsure.

      Counter SalesRoger Joya

      MD: Bladensburg (HQ)

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