4x8x48 Concrete Lintel

A lintel is a type of beam that spans an opening such as doors, windows, and fireplaces. It is made of concrete with steel bars embedded in it to reinforce the concrete and provide the structural integrity to resist large compressive loads. They are used to distribute the weight of the structure above an opening evenly to the surrounding walls or columns.


  • Load-bearing capacity suitable for various masonry applications.

  • Easy-to-install design for efficient construction.

  • Enhances the stability and longevity of brick or block walls.

Nominal dimensions

  • 4″ deep

  • 8″ high

  • 48″ wide

Actual dimensions (height and width) are minus 3/8″ less to allow for mortar.

Proudly made in the USA in Millsboro, DE. Material certifications.
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