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10x8x16 Normal Weight Hollow CMU

10″x8″x16″ normal weight hollow concrete masonry units (often called cinder block) meeting ASTM C-90, C-129, C-140, and C-55 (if applicable) specifications.

They provide excellent structural strength and are commonly used in a wide range of building applications, including load-bearing walls and foundations.

Uses: Masonry walls, retaining walls, buildings, bedding

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Nominal dimensions

  • 10" deep

  • 8″ high

  • 16″ wide

Actual dimensions (height and width) are minus 3/8″ less to allow for mortar.

Proudly made in the USA in Bladensburg, MD and Millsboro, DE. Material certifications.

90 blocks in a cube (pallet)
190 Available at: Unvailable at: MD: Bladensburg (HQ)Change Store