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About Our Bagged Products

We sell 50 to 80-pound bags of cement, mortar, grout, and premixed concrete at our Ernest Maier stores.

  • Cement is the glue in concrete, grout, and mortar that binds these materials together. Ernest Maier stocks several different types of cement right for your job. We also proudly carry Portland limestone cement, which has the same properties as ordinary Portland cement, but with a smaller environmental footprint.
  • Mortar is made from cement, sand, and lime, and is a bonding agent for blocks, bricks, and stone.
  • Grout is similar to mortar, except grout is made without lime. It doesn’t act as a bonding agent but rather as a filling material for seams, joints, or spaces.
  • Premixed Concrete is also available for more general application use. Just add water, and it’s ready to use.